This no-kill dog shelter will be located on city property in the near future (construction is already ongoing on Thompson St., Bruce, MS). It is operated by the Dog Lovers' League, a volunteer group of people wanting to give homeless dogs a chance at life and love in forever homes. We appreciate all volunteers- individuals of all ages, school groups (students can earn volunteer hours by helping DLL), church groups, and community groups. To learn more about volunteering for the Dog Lovers' League, please see the Volunteer link above.

Please understand,

    The Dog Lovers' League shelter was established to care for HOMELESS dogs (STRAYS) until a permanent, loving home can be found for them. Please do not ask us to take in personal pets or your own dogs that for whatever reason you do not want or cannot care for them. Advertise them yourself on Facebook, or we will be happy to advertise for you if you do not know how. You can stand out on the city square or a shopping center parking lot with a "Free to a Loving Home" sign. Also, do not bring us puppies that your own dogs have had. Puppies do not fair well in a shelter setting. Advertise these as well, and have your dogs spayed or neutered. Our shelter has a limited capacity of 50 dogs. If we fill up our limited spots with people's pets or dogs they no longer want, we will not have spaces for the ones that truly need help. We cannot exceed the capacity of our shelter, or the Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals can come in and euthanize any excess dogs. If we exceed our limit, we will be shut down! Therefore, if you find a stray dog, it is necessary for you to call 662-983-7471 first to see if we have an opening. Do not just bring the dogs to the shelter. Leave a message, and we will call you back at our first opportunity. If we don't have an opening, please care for the stray until an opening becomes available. God will bless you for doing so.

     We ask you to prevent an overload at the shelter in the following ways: (1) Try to care for any homeless dog(s) you may find yourself instead of bringing them to the shelter. Feel free to use our Facebook site to advertise for homes for these dogs. Put up pictures, any information about the dogs, and a contact number. (2) If you tire of your pet, instead of bringing it to the shelter, advertise it and try to find it a home yourself. Again, feel free to use our Facebook site. (3) If you find yourself with puppies, stand on the square with a "Free Puppies" sign. We have found this works very well in finding good homes for puppies, especially on Saturday mornings and before holidays. A Word of Caution: Do not give a puppy to a child without knowing for sure that he/she has their parents' permission to get it. (4) Become a foster home. Foster masters take dogs from our shelter and keep them at their home until a permanent home can be found. We advertise our dogs in foster homes here on this website and on Facebook. (5) Adopt, adopt, adopt! Please consider giving a dog from our shelter a forever home. Usually shelter dogs prove to be the most loving, loyal, and intelligent of all dogs. (6) Have your pet spayed or neutered. Donate to have a shelter dog sprayed. Overpopulation can be resolved through "fixing" dogs. In the northern states, there is a scarcity of dogs due to the fact that they have laws requiring the spaying/neutering of all pets. The cost of spaying/neutering a dog is much less than that of feeding and caring for multiple litters.

     Once the shelter is completed in the city, it will be closely monitored. Dumping a dog out there carries a fine of $1,000 and a jail sentence of 6 months. This will be enforced, so call us instead of dumping a dog out at the shelter.

     The Dog Lovers' League will keep a waiting list available and will contact you when a spot opens. Hopefully, by then, a home will already be found for yours via advertisement. Please do not dump out dogs or shoot a defenseless dog. God placed them in your care until another home can be found. That dog may be an angel in disguise, and your encounter with it may be a test. So, please don't mistreat a dog down on his/her luck.

Extending Services

     There is a need in beginning other no-kill dog shelters in Calhoun City and Vardaman, as well as a County-Wide one around Pittsboro. If you are willing to lead a Dog Lovers' League in one of these places, call 662-983-7471 for ideas on how to get started. A 40 pen kennel is already available for use in Calhoun City. Leaders are just needed to get it going.

Monthly Meeting: 1st Monday of each month at the Saving Grace Dog Shelter at 5:30 PM.

Starting approximately the second week of August 2014, Roy will try to get the segment into the news at least once between 12:30 AM-1PM and 6:30 PM-7PM weekdays, it will also air Monday 9PM, Tuesday 8PM, and Thursday 7PM on W07 BN Channel 7.

Dog Lovers' League